Nature School


Earth Path’s Nature School programs give youth an opportunity to explore, play, create, and adventure outdoors within a caring, nature-based community, one day a week.

Through experiential learning, our goal is to help nurture creativity, self-confidence, and respect for each other, while sharing practical skills and knowledge about the natural world.

Many influences inspire our approach, including the Forest School model, Jon Young and the Wilderness Awareness School (i.e. coyote mentoring), friends at Crow’s Path, natural history and herbalism, and human traditions of time immemorial: storytelling, music, art, and creative play.

What We Do in Nature School Programs

Together with program participants, we explore 100+ acres of forest, streams and wetland, deepening our connection to nature through activities such as tracking animals, building shelters, nature arts and crafts, harvesting wild edibles/medicinals, naturalist projects, sensory awareness games, and free play. Our preschool-age class enjoys nature wanders, climbing trees and slopes, playing with ropes, nature arts and crafts, scavenger hunts and other child-directed play. With a small child-to-adult mentor ratio (4:1 or 5:1), we work closely with each child to learn their passions and edges, guide them in assessing/managing risk responsibly, and support them in building meaningful skills and relationships. We also encourage stewardship, collaboration, and creative expression through story-telling, music, drawing, and journaling, helping children to share their ideas and feelings, and integrate their learning.

Our curriculum is child-centered, inquiry-based, and emergent, based on the children’s interests and new discoveries they make each day. For a glimpse at how we roll, check out our program-specific Stories and Highlights newsletter, a sample of our Fall Newsletter on our blog, and Our Approach page.

A typical day in the school-age program can look like this:

– 9:00 am – Gather at parking lot, play games
– 9:15 am  Morning circle, share recent nature observations
– 9:30 am  “Fox walk” to our camp in the woods
– 9:45 am – Build a fire, snack, work on forts near camp
– 10:15 am-12:00 pm – Daily explore of marshes, streams, forests and meadows. Explore time includes following emergent interests and focused skill-building: e.g. navigation/mapping, tracking, plant ID and harvesting, making fairy homes, solving mysteries, shelter building, sit spots, nature awareness and animal games.
– Lunch
– 12:45 pm-2:20 pm – Afternoon crafts and group games: e.g. whittling, making cordage, drawing, making milkweed pillows, plant collages, field guide study time, journaling, learning fire skills, scavenger hunts.
– 2:20 pm-3:00 pm – Gather together for circle time: share gratitude or reflections from the day. Close with a story or song, then head back out to the parking lot to meet parents.

*Preschool-age program runs from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and focuses more on the nurturing of social-emotional skills and nature awareness through child-led play. See Description of Preschool-age Program

Curious about our WINTER PROGRAM? See Description of Winter Program

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