Do you remember a few treasured interactions with nature from childhood? Maybe the startling feeling of the first frog you caught in bare hands? Or the coziness of a bed of leaves beneath a clear blue sky? The warm crackle of fire on a cool summer night, or the timeless ease felt in building your first sand castle.  Do you long to reconnect with ancient, more natural ways of living- finding rhythm from the sun, the moon, and the wind in the trees; taking comfort from your knowledge of the land that provides nourishing food, clean water, and plants for medicine and shelter; and reawakening your daily sense of wonder, beauty, and connectedness to the people and world around you?

At Earth Path, we aim to help people of all ages reconnect with themselves, each other, and the natural world in ways that nurture their gifts, ignite their passions and deepen their sense of well-being and belonging. In our kid’s programs, we run, climb, explore, seek, build, craft, and play, using an indigenous-based, “invisible school” approach called coyote mentoring, where children can follow their interests and learn through direct experience. The mentor’s main role is not to deliver facts and information all the time, but rather to create a fun, safe container in which the children can experiment, explore, and gain confidence in their own awareness and abilities. Instead of downloading facts and rules, we use skillful questions to help kids probe nature’s mysteries, solve problems, engage, and learn about the world.  What else? We have fun! Because that’s what learning should be.


Our Influences