Earth Path-11

“Our oldest son has been participating in Earth Path’s 6-11 year old nature program in Ottawa for the past four seasons of programming… This program has played a huge part in his personal growth and self-confidence over the past 2 years. Nature programs sound like a simple concept but the benefit for kids is so much more than just fresh air and exercise. As the program progresses, children learn the value of teamwork, the value of hard work, problem solving skills, and foster a growing awareness of themselves as a part of the natural world. The skills and knowledge my children have acquired carry over completely to their daily life at school. And as their respect and love of nature grows, they are understanding its importance not only on a small scale but as it extends to larger and more
pertinent global issues.”     – Danielle Powell, Earth Path’s programs in Ottawa

“What an incredible start to the summer!  We have never seen our boys so excited and enthusiastic about a summer camp.  They loved everything: carving, building outdoor forts, storytelling at the end of each day, exploring in the wilderness, even seeing and holding baby chicks!  Each evening they returned home peaceful and happy from a full day outdoors with great instructors.  Thank you!”     – Kendall Nichols, Earth Path’s Summer Camp in Wakefield

“Dear Bryarly & Emmanuelle:  Our family cannot thank you enough for the 4 week program.  AMAZING! We absolutely LOVED the program! Isabella learned SO much! Isabella is STILL talking about the “outdoor school” that she wants to return to…  The work that you do is making a HUGE difference in the lives of these children!”     – Auramarina Sawyer, parent, Earth Path’s Nature School program in Ottawa

“My son has been attending the Earth Path program in Wakefield for the past 3 years.  He simply loves the program. On Fridays, he is always easy to get up and ready to go because he knows he is going to Earth Path.  We can see that the program has made him stronger physically, and more confident in groups and in nature. He has learned many skills while there, in particular he enjoys animal tracking, shelter building, gathering and cooking wild foods. The program has also helped him improve his leadership skills as the instructors have been so good at giving him the opportunity to be a positive example to the younger children. The leaders, Bryarly and Corrine, are caring, knowledgeable about nature and very enthusiastic about what they are teaching the children, and they do all of this in a safe, respectful environment. I would highly recommend this program to any parent.”    – Cindy Wilson, parent, Nature School program in Wakefield

“Our daughters just love this program! They count the days each week before Friday. It’s a great way to balance the city life with outdoor learning activity and a great way to introduce nature. Thank you.”     – Keren and Yoav, parents, Earth Path’s Nature School program in Wakefield

“The Earth Path program… was a wonderful adventure for our children.  Our son, 8 years old, said his favourite part was shelter building and our daughter, 6 years old told us she liked everything.  As parents, we loved having our children make a deep connection with nature, and we knew they did when coming home they were covered with dirt and smelled like wood-smoke.”    – Joanna Gil, parent, Earth Path’s Nature School program in Wakefield

“We loved the program. It has been the first time that a program has truly interested my son Sam. He sprang out of bed Saturday morning with a smile on his face… He can’t wait for the next session.”     – Christi Loughrey, parent, Earth Path’s Nature School program in Wakefield


Earth Path has engaged hundreds of children and adults in learning about local ecology and stewardship. The feedback from participants across programs is consistently positive – glowing, in fact.             – Moe Garahan, Just Food


The staff at Earth Path are knowledgeable, caring, and consumed with sharing their love of nature with the children.  – Kristi Warren


I feel so lucky to have had the chance to bring my class to Earth Path – the whole experience was amazing!   – Lisa Anderson