Cole McLaughlin

Cole McLaughlin

Teen and Adult Program Mentor

Pronouns: He/him

Cole is an experienced nature mentor, naturalist, and earth skills practitioner who recently moved to Ottawa from Toronto, where he spent 5 years leading children and teen nature programs through PINE Project and facilitating cultural regeneration through the annual Art of Mentoring. His training runs the gamut from wilderness survival and education from Tom Brown Jr.’s Tracker School, naturalist/mentoring skills through PINE’s Wild Deer Apprenticeship, and he is now a certified Integral Life Coach. He also seems to have perfected running like a coyote- not a job requirement, but certainly cool!

Beyond Earth Path, Cole enjoys keeping his hands busy in carpentry, making cordage, bows/arrows and crafts from a variety of plants, exploring ancestral wisdom, and helping others discover their gifts and passions as a life coach.

To see Cole’s mentoring in action, see this Vice video: We Spent a Day with an Eight-Year-Old Survivalist

Training and Certifications:

Wild Deer Adult Wilderness Skills Program Year I & II Advanced with The Pine Project
Tom Brown Jr.’s Tracker School – Way of the Coyote; Philosophy 1; Standard
Art of Mentoring and Bird Language Intensive
Integral Coaching Canada – ICCP-1 and 2
Wilderness Advanced First Aid
NLS Life Guard