Carly Grier

Carly Grier


Pronouns: She/her

Carly holds a B.Sc. in Zoology from the University of Calgary and is currently entering her second year of her Bachelor of Education at the University of Ottawa with a teachable in the sciences. Carly’s Zoology and Education degrees have allowed her to combine her love for animals and enthusiasm for nature with her passion for educating and working with children.

​Having grown up in Calgary, Alberta, just a short drive away from the Rocky Mountains, Carly had the opportunity to swim, hike, camp, mountain bike, raft, etc., where she developed a deep connection with nature and all of the amazing experiences it has to offer. The mountains helped Carly develop her naturalist skills, expanding her knowledge of plants, mammals and birds, learning how to track animals and providing experience with land navigation. Carly’s favourite animals to identify are insects, so be sure to point one out to her to learn about its order!

Carly brings plenty of experience working with children of all ages. Growing up as a swimmer, she has worked as a swimming instructor/leadership instructor for 7 years, as she is passionate about teaching others how to swim and the importance of water safety. Amongst her certifications, Carly enjoys teaching the Standard First Aid Class and incorporating her lifesaving knowledge when exploring the outdoors with her students. Carly has also worked as a Science Coordinator for a before & after school program, where she greatly enjoyed designing lessons and activities that would get the students outdoors where they could play, discover and connect with nature. This past year Carly worked as a student teacher for a grade(s) 5/6 class in Ottawa, where she worked hard to bring the students outdoors or bring nature into the classroom.