Brent Lamborn

Brent Lamborn

Program Director

Brent completed a B.Sc. in Biology at Carleton University, where he explored his love of Nature through field work in Costa Rica, Ontario, and Quebec. During his undergraduate years, Brent had the pleasure of mentoring/tutoring high school and first-year university students in biology, math, physics and chemistry. This blending of science and teaching became a true passion during an amazing experience facilitating science camps and workshops for children ages 6-14 in northern Labrador and Nunavut (with Actua).

​Brent completed Algonquin College’s Early Childhood Education (intensive) certification in June 2017. He has also been an organic farmer (so ask him about bugs and edible plants, because he is fascinated by both!), and when not mentoring kids at Earth Path, he trains volunteers as crisis line responders, and works with the homeless population in Ottawa.

Brent loves and seeks the “Ah haa” moment: the moment when a child understands a concept or something new about Nature and the World for the first time. He is very excited to share his passion and love of Nature with students and soon-to-be friends. Of Ojibwe heritage, Brent is also passionate about strengthening our relationship with indigenous communities by providing inclusive opportunities for indigenous children and teens, and fostering connections with elders.

Brent coordinates Earth Path’s Saturday program, family drop-in programs and preschool camps, and he co-teaches in all of Earth Path’s Ottawa programs.

Training and Certifications:

Diploma in Early Childhood Education
B.Sc. Biology from Carleton University
Motivational Counselling and Anti-Bullying
Standard First Aid and CPR “C”
Cultural Awareness Training with Canadian Bushcraft