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Bobcats (ages 10 - 13)

Our Bobcats are responsible, independent, and hardworking individuals. In this stage of their development, they are in the process of shaping their own worldviews, nurturing their budding passions and hobbies, and demonstrating a strong drive to enhance their skills.

To support their growth, we provide a nurturing environment where they can safely challenge themselves. Here, they engage in the mastery of advanced wilderness skills, tackle more extensive and intricate projects, acquire proficiency with more advanced tools, embark on in-depth naturalist studies that span months, enjoy a variety of games, and spend plenty of time socializing with their peers while crafting with their hands.

Through hands-on activities and plenty of reflection, our Bobcats cultivate self-confidence, empathy, and leadership qualities.



January 10 – June 14, 2o24

9am - 3pm
9pm - 3pm

Cost: $1320 for Wednesdays, $1260 for Fridays

The cost reflects $60/session. If you are registering mid-program, the price is automatically
prorated for days missed in our registration system.

Check out our Affordability page for information about payment plans and bursaries.