Field Days for Schools

Due to COVID-19, Field Days for Schools is currently unavailable.
Through Earth Path’s Field Days for Schools program, our goal is to provide students with the opportunity to connect deeply with the natural world through hands-on, outdoor learning that develops sensory awareness, social and motor skills, wilderness skills, and a greater understanding of local natural science (plants, animals, ecological processes). For kindergarten classes there is a big emphasis on play-based and physical, sensory learning, stories, safety awareness, and developing comfort in the forest environment. To best support students in developing a deeper connection to nature and in having a more meaningful experience. 

This program includes a follow-up mentoring of teachers and Earth Path mentoring visits to schools, so teachers can both increase their local nature knowledge and glean new ideas for integrating nature connection and nature-based learning into their classes.

Sample Flow Of The Day:

  • Morning Circle: In the morning circle we will do introductions, sing a song, share gratitude, and cover our safety agreements, site logistics, and lay of the land.
  • Game: The mentors will lead a game that inspires naturalist learning, engages the senses, and provides lessons in communication and teamwork – debrief and discussion of the game usually follows.
  • Head to Camp: The mentors will guide everyone to our outdoor classroom, engaging their senses and curiosities as we go.
  • Snack & Story: Once settled at camp, a mentor may start a fire and tell a story to inspire the explore for the day, while we nourish our bodies with delicious snacks.
  • Explore: We divide the class into smaller groups to explore the land, stopping to investigate mysteries along the way. For our explores, we often use an ‘invisible schooling’ approach where we have a secret theme to inspire naturalist learning. This theme is woven into all of our activities from the moment of arrival. During the explore, a mentor might facilitate a sensory awareness game that attunes their senses to the natural world, or they might lead a skill-building activity depending on the season and theme for the day. We always leave room to throw away our plans to cultivate emergent learning!
  • Lunch: We will head back to camp for lunch or eat lunch on the land!
  • Game:The mentors will lead another game that inspires naturalist learning, engages the senses, and provides lessons in communication and teamwork.
  • Activity: Students will have the opportunity to learn a wilderness skill such as: fire-making, cordage, carving, basket-weaving, shelter building, etc
  • Closing Circle: Together we sing a song, share gratitudes and lessons and highlights from the day.


Thursdays, 10 am – 2 pm

Location: Just Food Farm, 2391 Pepin Court, Gloucester. See Directions. 

Payment: The true cost for a school class of 24 students to attend a field day is $600, which helps us to cover our mentors’ time, insurance, land rental, materials, and coordination time. However, for the past 2 years, schools have been able to attend for free because of fee subsidies made available through our TD Friends of the Environment Foundation grant. If we receive this grant again, then your class trip could be significantly subsidized. Sometimes we also have funds available to help cover the class’ bus fee, up to $200. When we aren’t able to subsidize the trip through our TD FEF grant, sometimes teachers will apply for their own grants to cover the cost of the trip.

Advance registration required. Please see details below.

Need to register?, Questions? Contact us at 613-858-8822 or
If walk is rescheduled due to weather, you have the option of receiving a full refund or attending when it is offered.