Spring/Summer Camps

Our March Break and Summer Camps are a week of fun outdoor explorations, where youth have an opportunity to solve mysteries, track animals, play games, learn about plants and their uses, craft with natural materials, build shelters, use natural camouflage, and have lots of fun!  Along the way we practice wilderness skills, develop safety awareness, and learn to care for each other and nature. With a large adult mentor/child ratio of 1:5, we follow the children’s interests and help them discover their gifts. Activities vary from week to week, so children can enroll in several camps and enjoy new programming each week. The daily schedule is similar to the schedule for our Nature School programs. See weekly summer camp schedule below.

For a closer glimpse at what our programs are like, check out these pages:

Sundara and Hali in trees

Skills and awareness developed (depending on learners’ interests, age/readiness, and camp theme):

  • Naturalist skills – plant ID, plants for food and medicine, bird language, stewardship and animal tracking
  • Wilderness/traditional skills – building shelters, fire safety, safe tool use, basket weaving, whittling (for ages 7+) etc.
  • Creativity and curiosity – exploring nature mysteries, nature arts and crafts, imaginative play (e.g. making fairy homes etc.)
  • Self-expression – sharing stories, journaling, songs
  • Social and emotional learning in a caring community
  • Physical stamina and agility
  • Inspiration, confidence, deeper nature connection and well-being!

​Details for All Our Camps:

Maximum Enrollment: 24
Mentor-to-Child Ratio: 1:5 or 1:6
Scholarship Options: See Affordability page

Location for Ottawa Camps: Just Food Farm/ Green’s Creek, 2389 Pepin Ct., Blackburn Hamlet, East Ottawa. See Directions
Location for Wakefield Camps: Eco Echo, 29 ch. Trowsse, Wakefield, QC. See Directions
Questions? Contact us

Ottawa 2021 Camps

Registration for our 2021 summer camps will open on Wednesday April 28th at 11am.

Pre-Registration: To support long-term mentoring relationships, we offer pre-registration privileges to participants who were registered in summer camps the previous session (ex: those who were registered in summer 2020 will be offered pre-registration for summer 2021). Registration instructions will be emailed to all those qualifying for pre-registration prior to the registration date. Pre-Registration opens on Wednesday April 21 at 11am

You can register for a maximum of 2 weeks of camp per child. Please do not register for more than two weeks or your extra spots will be removed.

You can submit friend requests so that friends can be together in the same group. However, your request may not be fulfilled if there is a significant age discrepancy.

Hours: 9am – 3:30pm

Before care (8:30am – 9am) and after-care (3:30pm – 4pm) will be available for an extra cost.

Feather and Fur
July 5 – 9 | Ages 4 – 12 | $375

This week is focused on learning about our fur-bearing and feathered forest friends. Campers will learn to see the forest through the eyes of a naturalist, exploring the landscape with a keen sense for the birds and mammals that live among us. We’ll move and play games like mammals, learn the language of the birds, and try to find them on the landscape. Wear your binoculars, bring your field guides, dust off your nature journals, and get ready to discover all the wonders of these amazing creatures!

Fire and Wood: Harnessing the Power of the Trees
July 12 – 16 | Ages 7 – 14 | $375

This week is focused on learning all the amazing things you can do with the versatile gift of the trees: wood! Campers will have the opportunity to learn different methods of creating fire, and will learn how to use all sorts of tools to create anything that their hearts desire. From carving spoons and bows and coal burning cups, to creating fire by rubbing sticks together, the opportunities for learning are endless.

Nature Detectives: Reading the Clues of the Landscape
July 19 – 23 2021 | Ages 4 – 12 | $375

This week campers will donn their detective hats, equip themselves with magnifying glasses, and attempt to solve a camp-wide mystery. This camp is a modern-day whodunnit where campers will learn how to read the clues of the landscape through the lens of a master tracker. Something fishy is happening in the forest – and it’s up to our Nature Detectives to find out!

A Frog’s Eye View
July 26 – 30 2021 | Ages 4 – 12 | $375

This week campers will have the opportunity to muse the miniature, search the small, and traverse the tiny by exploring the marvelous world of reptiles, amphibians, insects, invertebrates, and mollusks! Campers will spend the week doing activities like catching frogs, making snail farms, finding salamanders and newts, and investigating insects.  b

Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants
August 3 – 6, 2021 | Ages 7 – 14 | $300

This week is focused on learning about the quiet, green beings that live all around us: plants! Campers will be safely introduced to local medicinal and edible plants and have the opportunity to make medicinal salves, create delicious recipes, brew teas, make crowns and baskets, and even participate in a camp-wide, wild edible cook-off! From hearing their stories and lore to learning about their botanical characteristics through games and play, campers will fall in love with these ever-resilient beings.

Fantastical Forest Fantasy
August 9 – 13 2021 | Ages 4 – 12 | $375

This week will weave storytelling, survival skills and naturalist knowledge into a magical, immersive storyline. Campers will meet fantastical beings like fairies and trolls, build castles and forts, create potions from wild plants, carve magic wands, and so much more. The forest is where we can let our imagination run wild – where anything is possible if you just believe.

Earth and Water
August 16 – 20 2021 | Ages 7 – 14 | $375

This camp will be a week full of exploring the magic of all things earth and water! Campers will have the opportunity to work and play with clay, search for fossils, and traverse the streams, rivers, and ponds in our magical, clay-rich forest. Campers should be prepared to get wet and muddy, and will bring home wood-fired clay artifacts, a huge smile, and maybe even some fossils!

Stealth and Survival
August 23 – 27 2021 | Ages 7 – 14 | $375

This week is focused on the four tenets of survival: fire, food, shelter, and water. Campers will learn how to survive on the landscape, using only materials found in the forest. Simultaneously, campers will be immersed in an exhilarating storyline that teaches them how to hone their awareness – using the sights and sounds of the forest to stealthily move through the landscape without being seen or heard by the unseemly beings of the forest…


Wakefield 2021 Camps *FULL*

June 28th – 30th: (3 day camp) $180
July 5th – 9th: $300
Aug 16th – 20th: $300

9am – 3pm

For more information or to register, contact our Wakefield Program Coordinator, Corinne:

(819) 665-4407 or Corinne@EarthPath.ca

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