The regular posted fee for our programs is the Sustaining rate, which represents the actual cost of running our programs (i.e. teacher pay, insurance, lease of land, supplies, and website). But we don’t turn anyone away based on their financial status- affordability is a priority! If you are unable to pay the regular fee, feel free to ask about these other options:

Payment Plan

A Payment Plan is the regular fee paid over time, and it’s our most popular option, used by families who would feel stretched paying the whole fee upfront. It consists of the deposit made upon registration, followed by a monthly payment for the duration of the program.


Scholarships can range from 30-80% of the regular fee, and there is an application form to fill out. We offer scholarships based on an evaluation of financial need.

Reduced Rate

A Reduced Rate may be offered if a family doesn’t fit in the scholarship category and finds the regular fee a little too steep to participate, even with a Payment Plan. These run from 5-20% off the regular fee and are offered at our discretion.

*Important Notes: 
1) For Summer Camps, only the Scholarship option applies.
2) In some cases, you may combine affordability options (e.g. Reduced Rate and Payment Plan).
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