Deep Bird Language – Birds tell us more than you think

Golly, I wish I had a Go-Pro camera on my head yesterday during the Birding and Bird Language field walk! An astounding thing happened that convinced me how awesome bird language is. It was a soft overcast morning with few bugs, and our guides Simon and Pierre started us off with a relaxed amble, stopping to hear which birds were singing and doing their companion calls. We learned to identify some birds by sound and heard stories about survival strategies.

‚ÄčThen Pierre introduced us to the study of bird language, based in indigenous practices of deep nature awareness and connection. This is a whole new way (for me) of observing birds. He explained how birds convey so much information about what’s going on in the landscape- what predators are on their way, whether a fast-flying bird-of-prey from above or a hunting mammal from below, where the deer are etc.